Perfect Doughballs in Four Easy Steps!

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Classic Range

Choose from Classic Neopolitan, Roman and Americana

Description and uses: Elastic gluten and soft starch , Excellent Hydration, Perfect Leavening , Ideal for the classic Neapolitan pizza, Satisfies the needs of the best master pizza makers

Signature Range

Choose from Poolish, Sourdough and Pinsa Doughballs

Description and uses: Make Superior pizza ranging from New York style to Chicago, Roman and Sicilian Sfincuni. Highly recommended and specifically designed by Caputo for American style pizza.

Organic Range

Certified Organic by the Soil Association – Produced from medium-strength organic wheat, ideal for all leavened products. Choose from Classic and Sourdough Organic

Description and uses: This product is made from the best soft Organic wheat that nature makes available to us, ideal for all dough preparations.

Limited Edition

If you want something a little different, choose from Activated Charcoal or Activated Tumeric

Description and uses: Elastic gluten and soft starch , Excellent Hydration, Perfect Leavening , Ideal for when you want to stand out from the crowd

Speciality Range

Choose from Multigrain Doughballs and Gluten Free Pizza Bases

Description and uses: A great dough for practically all pizza preparation with excellent results. 

“Crafting Delicious Moments With Every Dough Ball”

The Dough Ball Pizza Company

We are one of a handful of Caputo Licensed Manufacturers in the UK

The dough ball pizza company only specialise in pizza dough production and consultancy. Others will use the same dough which were used for various other products such as doughnuts, breads and muffins and use this for the selling of pizza dough. Their method lacks specific product knowledge and Italian pizza industry standards.

Our clients include:

Salsa Approved

Soil Approved

Great Taste Winner

Caputo Approved

Why Choose The Dough Ball Pizza Company?

Pizza has been a culinary dish of Italy since the middle ages. It is the heart and soul of the Italian nation. Many have tried to master the art of pizza but the traditional methods of its dough preparation have been neglected over time, affecting the quality and taste of true Italian pizza.

Thankfully The Dough Ball Pizza Company have consistently used traditional methods since the 1900’s and have past the art of dough preparation through its many generations. To this day, we take great pride in producing pizza dough balls using its ancestors methods.